Preview of new draft design for collection interface for Sensemaker® Pulse-Sense-Evolve (PSE) products

Have a look at this preview of the draft design new collection interface for our Sensemaker® Pulse-Sense-Evolve (PSE) products.

Gary Saliba
about 1 year agoFebruary 27, 2019
I have found in the Sensemaker projects that I have been involved with that the circles and lines within the triad guide people to place the ball along those lines and the circles. Would you consider leaving the internal area of the triad blank so as not to introduce any bias in where they locate the ball?
Elmi Bester
about 1 year agoFebruary 27, 2019
Thank you for the feedback Gary. We'll definitely consider finding better ways to represent triads.
Bernd Appelhans
about 1 year agoMarch 7, 2019
I like the new design and flow. It looks modern and seems to be a better user experience :)
Elmi Bester
about 1 year agoMarch 7, 2019
Thank you for the encouraging feedback Bernd!
Dean DiStasio
about 1 year agoMarch 18, 2019
Having never used the tool (understand the concepts), I will say the design and flow is intuitive (ex UI guy :). Hopefully, I'll be working with Sensemaker soon! It completes my transformation narrative loop.  Kudos .::.
11 months agoApril 20, 2019
There is a disconnect for me when up/down arrows are offered to navigate a horizontal carousel of content.
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