Exploring the entanglements of COVID-19

It has now been four weeks since we hosted the first webinar with Alicia, Anne, Valdis and Dave.

What has become clear is that we are, in the words of Churchill, possibly at the end of the beginning of our dance with COVID-19, definitely not at the beginning of the end.

Countries around the world are still in varying levels of lock-down, some are experimenting with the gradual loosening of constraints, others never fully locked down at all. We will only know if we did the right things in retrospect. One thing we do know, we are connected in ways that we don’t fully understand. For example, we are all realising that our health is not an individual endeavour. Our health is entangled with the health of those around us, with those on the other side of the world and with the health of our forests and oceans. We can no longer afford to think in categories, we need to learn to manage entanglements.

During the initial webinar, and in the so-called Raven sessions thereafter, it became clear that many of the topics they touched on demands further exploration. Specifically the notion of entanglement, and what it means for us practically. See below for details of the process we are following and where to access recordings if you missed them.

We have invited the original panel back for another webinar where they will zoom in on some of these key themes as well as key themes emerging from the Raven conversations.

Join Anne Pendleton-Jullian, Alicia Juarrero, Valdis Krebs in conversation with Dave Snowden and Sonja Blignaut for a 90-minute discussion on the entanglements of COVID-19.

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